Ahana Cloud for Presto

SaaS for in the public cloud

    Lightning-fast SQL queries on your AWS S3 data lakes

    PrestoDB AWS Partner

    are you an aws athena user?

    👉 Many AWS Athena users see challenges around failing queries, performance, and unpredictable pricing.

    See why they’re moving to Ahana Cloud.

    Product Review:

    Ahana Cloud for Presto

    By Martin Heller
    Contributing Editor, InfoWorld

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    Learning and Operating Presto

    Presto is a widely-adopted, federated SQL engine for data platform teams to deliver self-service analytics on all of your data
    BUT it’s complicated.
    Ahana Cloud simplifies Presto
    No installation, No AWS AMIs or CFTs, No configuration

    Ahana Cloud – SaaS for Presto


    0 to Presto in 30 minutes including the in-VPC AWS service in your own account with the Ahana Console

    Fully Integrated

    Built-in catalog and easy integration with data sources, catalogs and dashboarding tools

    Cloud Native

    Runs on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service for high scalability, availability and manageability

    “ With Ahana Cloud’s in-VPC deployment with Amazon EKScustomers can greatly simplify their Presto deployments and analyze data on Amazon S3-based data lakes and other AWS database services, while reducing operational costs.”

    — Bob Wise, GM, K8s, AWS

    Ahana Cloud for Presto