Data Lakehouse

Presto for the Open Data Lakehouse

Presto is the fast and reliable SQL query engine for data analytics and the open data lakehouse

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The SQL Data Lakehouse powered by Presto

Get an unlimited number of clusters that can autoscale up or down, better price-performance, advanced security, and SLA-based support.

Why Ahana Cloud for Presto?

Easy SQL

Easy to use

Presto as a SaaS – no installation, no AWS AMIs or CFTs, and no configuration needed


Price Performance

Run your queries faster with lower cost compared to other Presto offerings

Ahana Cloud

Open & flexible

The power of open source Presto to query open formats in your S3 data lake

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What is Presto

Learning and Operating Presto

Uber engineering

“Analyzing data at Uber-scale is hard to do. That’s why we use Presto. In my opinion, Presto is head and shoulders above the competition. Presto is fully focused on making sure your queries are running fast, and I believe that’s the reason why it’s so well-loved in the community.”

-Girish Baliga, Engineering Manager, Data Infrastructure, Uber
Who is Securonix

“Before Presto we were using a Hadoop cluster, and the challenge was on scale…not only was it expensive but the scaling factors were not linear. The Presto engine was designed for scale, and it’s feature-built just for a query engine. Ahana Cloud made it easy for us to use Presto in the cloud.”

-Derrick Harcey, Chief Architect at Securonix

Featured Presto Users

Why use Ahana for Presto?

We want to make life easier for data platform teams. Here’s how we can help.


Faster reports for your data analysts


Snappier notebooks for your data scientists

python language

3x faster SQL pipelines for your data engineers

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