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Deciding between AWS Athena and Ahana Cloud? Explore our case studies to understand how Ahana provides better price performance with more control for the user.

Ad tech company Carbon chose Presto to power its real-time customer facing dashboards.

After using AWS Athena Presto, Carbon ran into some issues around query performance and visibility into their deployment.

“With Ahana Cloud, we got the benefit of Presto without all of the limitations of Athena. Now we have full control of our deployment.”
-Jordan Hoggart, Data Engineer at Carbon

How Ahana Compares
To AWS Athena

90% Faster with a 10 node cluster –
Providing better price performance

Can Scale to Improve Performance

More Control & Visibility
into deployment

No More Failing Queries

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AWS Athena FAQ

Athena Limitations

Why does a single AWS Athena query get stuck in QUEUED state before being executed?

Why am I getting zero records when I use AWS Athena to query a CSV file?

When I run a query with AWS Athena, I get the error message ‘query exhausted resources on this scale factor’. Why?