Ahana Cloud for Presto
The easiest Presto managed service ever made.

Query your AWS S3 Data Lakes with SQL

    Webinar: 0 to Presto in 30 minutes with AWS and Ahana Cloud

    Presto is Powerful

    Presto is fast

    Presto is an in-memory distributed SQL engine, faster than other compute engines in the disaggregated stack

    Presto is federated

    Presto can query relational & NoSQL databases, data warehouses, data lakes and more

    Presto queries in place

    There is no need to move your data or ingest your data. Query with open formats

    but Presto is Complicated

    Presto needs a lot of configuration

    Coming from the Hadoop world, Presto has hundreds of configuration parameters

    Presto needs a catalog and storage

    Presto doesn’t include a metadata catalog, you need to manage one for your data lakes

    Presto clusters need a lot of management

    Whether it is to add a data source or update a config parameter, Presto clusters need to be managed

    Presto Simplified – Ahana Cloud for Presto

    No installation, No AWS AMIs or CFTs, No configuration


    0 to Presto in 30 minutes including the in-VPC AWS service in your own account with the Ahana Console

    Fully Integrated

    Built-in catalog and easy integration with data sources, catalogs and dashboarding tools

    Cloud Native

    Runs on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service for high scalability, availability and manageability

    Ahana Cloud for Presto for the Disaggregated Stack

    • Generate insights and drive decision-making faster than ever before. 
    • Self-service, SQL analytics for data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and product managers. 
    • Get faster, more iterative, and interactive data discovery across all your organization’s data—without the complexity.

    Ahana Cloud Advantages

    Ahana SaaS Console

    The Ahana SaaS Console enables users to create, deploy, resize, stop, restart and terminate one or more Presto clusters for end-to-end life cycle management, preserving cluster configurations and metadata information when clusters are de-provisioned.

    Cloud-native with in-VPC managed service

    Ahana SaaS Console built natively for AWS runs in the Ahana VPC. It orchestrates and manages Presto clusters in your AWS account using cross-account roles. Presto runs in containers on Amazon EKS making the service highly scalable & available.

    Flexible data source & catalog integration

    Define and manage data sources in Ahana and attach or detach them from any cluster with the click of a button. Ahana takes care of configuring and restarting the clusters. Connect external catalogs – Hive Metastore and Amazon Glue, Amazon database services RDS / MySQL, RDS / PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch and Amazon Redshift.

    Presto-as-a-data warehouse

    Presto clusters created with Ahana come with a managed Hive Metastore, a pre-integrated Amazon S3 data lake bucket, and a business intelligence and reporting sandbox with Apache Superset deployed in the Ahana Compute Plane.

    Why Ahana Cloud?

    What is Ahana Cloud?

    Walk through of the Ahana Cloud Managed Service


    Ahana Cloud for Presto on AWS saves me hours and days of time across the configuration, deployment and operations lifecycle. It is as easy as a cloud data warehouse but without copying all my data into it. This allows me to innovate features instead of managing infrastructure. It gives me what I love about Presto with little operational complexity.”

    Cal Mitchell, Cloud Data Platform Engineer

    Here’s How Ahana Works in 3 Steps:

    Step 1

    Sign up for free trial

    Step 2

    Setup cross-account access

    Step 3

    Deploy Presto clusters & connect data sources

    Ahana Cloud for Presto