AWS Athena Alternatives For Performance

Learn why AWS Athena users are moving to Ahana Cloud
(p.s. it’s a full-versioned Presto & seamless to switch 👍)

Customer Case Study Spotlight

“With Ahana Cloud, we got the benefit of Presto without all of the limitations of Athena. Now we have full control of our deployment.”

-Jordan Hoggart, Data Engineer at Carbon

After moving from AWS Athena to Ahana Cloud, Carbon saw queries run 90% faster for their workloads

Comparing a serverless approach to a managed service approach

Serverless Presto
Good for smaller volume of query workloads on smaller amounts of data

  • No installed software
  • Performance is non-deterministic
  • Limits on concurrent queries
  • Scanned data per query pricing of is $5/TB is unpredictable and costly
  • …and more

Managed Service for Presto
Good for any volume of query workloads on any amount of analytics, small to large

  • Low operational overhead without the limitations of Athena
  • 23x faster performance that’s consistent
  • Unlimited concurrent queries
  • Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) on your AWS bill
  • …and more

Users who made the switch from AWS Athena to Ahana Cloud

Don’t take it from us – see why some of our customers made the switch from AWS Athena to Ahana Cloud for their real-world workloads.

After moving from AWS Athena to Ahana Cloud, Carbon saw queries run 90% faster for their workloads

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Pain Points with AWS Athena

  • More complex queries would fail without explanation
  • Unable to scale past a certain point – computational brick wall
  • Only one multi-tenant Athena service to hit, with a single queue
  • Very limited concurrency as a result of queue
  • No control or visibility into their deployment

Move to Ahana Cloud

  • 90% faster than Athena with a 10 node cluster, providing greater than 50x price performance comparisons
  • Can scale to improve performance to many times faster
  • No more failing queries
  • Have full control and visibility into their deployment

Leading Financial services company

23x improvement

in query performance with Ahana Cloud

With 3 nodes, we see great performance with Ahana versus Athena, which is fantastic. With 5 nodes, it’s getting even faster. We can add nodes easily which is awesome to see we have that level of control. That’s something that we don’t have with Athena.

Making the right choice for your workload

Ready to try it out?

Get up and running in 45 minutes. Ahana’s managed service for PrestoDB is one of the Amazon Athena open source alternatives and can solve the trade offs. You get the power of open source Presto as a managed service. Since it’s Presto, the transition is seamless and fully compatible. Our team members can answer your questions during a free migration consult call.

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Comparing Serverless Presto and Managed Service Presto