AWS Athena and Ahana Cloud

Customer Case Study Spotlight

“With Ahana Cloud, we get the benefit of Presto and full control of our deployment.”

-Jordan Hoggart, Data Engineer at Carbon

Carbon saw queries run 90% faster for their workloads with Ahana Cloud

Looking at Amazon Athena and Ahana Cloud

Serverless Presto
Easy to manage

  • Built for less experienced data teams
  • Serverless – easy to get started
  • Little visibility, control of your deployment
  • Cost effective for low/infrequent usage on small to medium sized data volumes

Managed Service for Presto
Full flexibility, easy to manage

  • Built for data teams of all experience levels
  • Managed service – easy to get started
  • Moderate level of control of deployment without the complexity
  • Dedicated support from Presto experts

Case Studies

See why companies use Ahana Cloud

Carbon saw queries run 90% faster for their workloads with Ahana Cloud compared to other Presto services

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Other Presto services

  • Hard to run complex queries and scale past a certain point
  • Queries can be queued with no control over when
  • Very limited concurrency as a result of queue
  • Little visibility, control of deployment

Ahana Cloud

  • 90% faster with a 10 node cluster, providing greater than 50x price performance comparisons
  • Can scale to improve performance to many times faster
  • No more failing queries
  • More control and visibility into deployment

3x better price performance with Ahana Cloud

The Presto engine was designed for scale, and it’s feature-built just for a query engine. Ahana Cloud made it easy for us to use Presto in the cloud.”

Ready to try it out?

Get up and running in 45 minutes. Ahana’s managed service for Presto gives you the power of open source Presto as a managed service. Our team members can answer your questions during a free migration consult call.

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