Data Lakehouse

Augment Amazon Redshift
with an Open Data Lakehouse

As costs can grow quickly in AWS Redshift, the data lakehouse provides an alternative for better price-performance. See how companies are augmenting their Amazon Redshift deployment with the Open Data Lakehouse.

Challenges with Amazon Redshift



As data volumes increase, the cost of storage and compute in the warehouse becomes
challenging. AWS Redshift and Redshift Spectrum come with a premium cost, especially if you use Spectrum outside of AWS Redshift.

Vendor lock-in

Vendor lock-in

Data warehouse vendors, like AWS Redshift, make it difficult to use your data outside of their services. Data would need to be pulled out of the warehouse and duplicated, further driving up compute costs.

Proprietary data formats

Proprietary data formats

Data architects, data engineers, and analysts are required to use the data format supported by the data warehouse. No flexible or open data formats available.

Ahana Cloud Reduces Cost, Gives Flexibility, & Drops Vendor Lock-in

Price Performance

Ahana Cloud is easy to use, fully-integrated, & cloud native. Only pay for what you use with no upfront costs. Get the performance you’re used to – just pay less for it!

Open & Flexible

Define and manage data sources in Ahana & attach or detach them from any cluster with the click of a button. Ahana takes care of configuring and restarting the clusters.

No Vendor Lock-in

Use the tools & integrations you need to get value from your data without the proprietary data formats

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See why Blinkit, India’s delivery system, moved from AWS Redshift to Ahana Cloud for their SQL Data Lakehouse

Blinkit, India’s delivery system committed to speed, chose Ahana Cloud for their SQL Data Lakehouse to replace Amazon Redshift as their data warehouse.

They overcame the challenges associated with Amazon Redshift, their data warehouse, including cost, lack of scale, and vendor lock-in.

Watch as Akshay Agarwal of Blinkit lays out the advantages of using Presto to decouple storage and compute faster, reduce costs, at exceed business goals. 

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