Do I need to move my data to query it with Presto?

No, Presto queries your data in-place so you don’t need to move it. If you’re using AWS S3 for your data lake, for example, you wouldn’t need to ingest it to query as you would if you were using a data warehouse like AWS Redshift. 

To bring Presto compute to your data, you can leverage Ahana Cloud.

With Ahana Cloud, it’s very easy to leverage the power of Presto to query AWS S3. You just connect your data source to Ahana and everything continues to run in your cloud account (called in-vpc). It’s just a click of a button to add data sources to Ahana Cloud for querying. Ahana Cloud would be a replacement for Amazon Athena, EMR Presto, or if you’re running Presto on your own in AWS. It’s a managed service for Presto that takes care of all the configuration, tuning, deployment, managing, attaching/detaching data sources, etc.
You can learn more about Ahana Cloud, and you can also sign up to trial it too.