Does Presto work natively with GraphQL?

Some users may have a primary data store that is GraphQL-based (AWS AppSync) and want to leverage Presto. For context, GraphQL falls in the application as part of the service mesh infrastructure. It is an abstraction API for mostly operational sources.

Typically for analytics, users move their data into an analytical stack, because the properties and queries of an operational stack and analytical stack are quite different.

Users with your environment move the data to S3 to run data lake analytics. Presto is the de facto engine for data lake analytics, but in addition to that is also allows for running queries across S3 and operational systems like RDS.

Running analytics on GraphQL / AppSync is not recommended because:

  1. GraphQL isn’t really a query engine with an optimizer, etc.
  2. Analytical queries are fairly intensive from a compute perspective and needs the right analytical engine to process and execute the queries. GraphQL is mostly a pass through and this will affect your operational systems.

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