How do I run a CTAS (Create Table As) with a Query?

There are a few different ways to run a CTAS with a Query in Presto. Below we’ll lay those out.

OPTION 1: Managed Schema
Managed Schema Creation:
CREATE SCHEMA managed_schema WITH (location = 's3a://mybucket/managed_schema/');

Create Table AS with Managed Schema:

CREATE TABLE managed_movies_orc
COMMENT 'Managed Movies ORC'
WITH (format = 'ORC')
select * from "ahana-demo".ahana_s3_movies

OPTION 2: External Table 
Technically you can’t do a create table as with an external table you will get the error:

presto error: External tables cannot be created using CREATE TABLE AS

You can however do a create table followed by insert into once the hive.non-managed-table-writes-enabled is set to true

CREATE TABLE <your schema>.ext_table_movies_orc( movieid bigint, title varchar, genres varchar ) 
( format = 'ORC',
  external_location= 's3a://mybucket/externa_table/'

insert into <your schema>.ext_table_movies_orc select * from "ahana-demo".ahana_s3_movies

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