The Easiest Managed Alternative to Athena

Deciding between AWS Athena and Ahana Cloud? Explore our case studies to understand how Ahana provides better price performance with more control for the user.

Comparison of AWS Athena to Ahana

5.5X price performance improvement after moving to Ahana Cloud

“Ahana Cloud allows us to scale on demand in a dynamic manner, with no stalling or failing queries (like we had with AWS Athena).

Presto at Adroitts

Adroitts’ mission is to build secure, reliable and cost-effective products for their customers. When it comes to data analytics, they must be able to link transactions to respective customers with their profile information to get the full view of the customer. They chose Presto as the underlying query engine to do this.

Looking at Amazon Athena and Ahana Cloud

AWS Athena

  • Hard to run complex queries and scale past a certain point
  • Queries can be queued with no control over when
  • Very limited concurrency as a result of queue
  • Little visibility, control of deployment

Ahana Cloud

  • 90% faster with a 10 node cluster, providing greater than 5x price performance comparisons
  • Can scale to improve performance to many times faster
  • No more failing queries
  • More control and visibility into deployment
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