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AWS Lake Formation and Ahana Cloud

Seamlessly integrate Presto with AWS Lake Formation to run interactive queries on your AWS S3 data lakes with fine grained access to data

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Build and query secure S3 data lakes with Ahana Cloud and AWS Lake Formation

With the AWS Lake Formation and Ahana Cloud integration, data platform teams can seamlessly integrate Presto natively with AWS Glue, Lake Formation and AWS S3 while providing granular security for data.

Ahana Cloud users can easily enable the integration with the click of a button when creating a new Presto cluster.

AWS Lake Formation

Webinar: Build & Query Secure S3 Data Lakes with Ahana Cloud and AWS Lake Formation

Presented by AWS & Ahana


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AWS Native

Bring Presto to your existing AWS stack & investment

You’ve stored all your data in AWS S3 and may have already defined your data catalog resources and IAM roles with Glue and Lake Formation. Ahana Cloud for Presto can integrate natively with all these services.

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Easy to Use

Configure Lake Formation with Ahana in just a few clicks

Ahana Cloud for Presto streamlines Lake Formation configuration and allows you to visually map your Presto users to IAM roles. You define a data source once and apply it to as many Presto clusters you want.

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Fine-Grained Access Control

Enforce Lake Formation-defined access controls in Presto down to row level

Define access control policies through Lake Formation to protect confidentiality & handle sensitive data. Presto will honor these policies, returning only accessible data in queries or denying access altogether.

👉 What’s AWS Lake Formation?
AWS Lake Formation is a service that makes it easy to set up a secure data lake in a matter of days, providing the governance layer for AWS S3.

What our customers are saying

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Ameer Elkordy
Data Engineer, Metropolis

Our business relies on providing analytics across a range of data sources for our clients, so it’s critical that we provide both a transparent and secure experience for them. We use Amazon S3 as our data lake and Ahana Cloud for Presto for ad hoc queries on that data lake.

Now, with the Ahana and AWS Lake Formation integration, we get even more granular security with data access control that’s easy to configure and native to our AWS stack. This allows us to scale analytics out to our teams without worrying about security concerns.

Curious about learning more about the benefits of Ahana + AWS Lake Formation Integration?
Read the joint blog with AWS, Ahana, and Metropolis:
Securely Querying Your Data Lake with Ahana Presto and AWS Lake Formation.

Getting Started with AWS Lake Formation & Ahana

Video Tutorial
In this quick 2 minute video tutorial, you’ll see how easy it is to enable Lake Formation in your Ahana Cloud deployment.


Ahana Cloud AWS Lake Formation Integration public docs are available now.

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Conference session

Learn more in the PrestoCon session Authorizing Presto with AWS Lake Formation.

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See how to build and query secure S3 data lakes, led by experts from AWS and Ahana.

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