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Ahana Cloud for Presto 🌤 – Now “Open” for “Open Analytics”

ByDipti BorkarDecember 9, 2020
I’m thrilled to share that today Ahana Cloud for Presto on AWS is generally available and open for Open Analytics. Ahana Cloud 🌤 is the first fully integrated, cloud-native managed … Continue reading Ahana Cloud for Presto 🌤 – Now “Open” for “Open Analytics”

Top 5 reasons Presto is the foundation of the data analytics stack

ByAshish TadoseOctober 1, 2020
Data platform teams are increasingly using the federated SQL query engine PrestoDB to run such analytics for a variety of use cases across a wide range of data lakes and databases in-place, without the need to move data. Here’s a look at some important characteristics of Presto that account for its growing adoption.

Building Managed Services: Architecting Ahana Cloud for Presto with the In-VPC Deployment Model

ByJames MesneySeptember 24, 2020
This blog post discusses how AWS users have evolved their big data requirements and how the Ahana team architected its managed service offering, highlighting the best practice of providing an “In-VPC” deployment.

Ahana Cloud for Presto – Simplifying Analytics for the Disaggregated Stack

ByDipti BorkarSeptember 21, 2020
Today I am incredibly excited to announce Ahana Cloud for Presto, the first fully integrated, cloud-native managed service for Presto – that simplifies the ability of cloud and data platform teams of all sizes to provide self-service, SQL analytics for their data analysts and scientists.

Bridging the gap to bring two Presto communities together: Welcoming Starburst Data to the Presto Foundation

BySteven MihJune 5, 2020
Why are there two Presto projects and how many do we need? For the benefit of the community, I hope we can see the confusion end with: 1 foundation, 1 primary code base for new development, and 1 community.

Getting Perspective on Open Source Projects and Forks with Ted Dunning, Apache Software Expert

ByAhanaJune 4, 2020
We spent some time with Apache Software Foundation board member, PMC member, and open source expert Ted Dunning to get his thoughts on the state of open source software.

Introducing Ahana

ByDipti BorkarJune 2, 2020
There are many factors that contribute to strong co-founder relationships. Forbes refers to one set and defines them as the 3Ts…