Ahana Cloud for Presto 🌤 – Now “Open” for “Open Analytics”

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I’m thrilled to share that today Ahana Cloud for Presto on AWS is generally available and open for Open Analytics. Ahana Cloud 🌤 is the first fully integrated, cloud-native managed service for Presto that simplifies the ability of cloud and data platform teams of all sizes to provide self-service, SQL analytics for their data analysts and scientists.

When we announced the Early Access for Ahana Cloud this past September, we had no idea of the phenomenal response we would get for our managed service. Before I get into the big improvements since our early release, a huge thank you 🙏🏼 to all the users that participated in the program and for all the valuable feedback particularly on making PrestoDB easier to manage and operate. And we are really sorry if we missed you during the early access. But today Ahana Cloud for Presto is available to everyone! So give it a try.

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I’ve blogged and written quite a bit about open analytics this past year. After talking with hundreds of users who are building their next generation analytics platform on the data lake, I firmly believe that we are seeing an alternative architecture – an open, more flexible approach to augment the cloud data warehouse approach – where users may get locked-in to proprietary data technology and formats.

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Companies like Facebook, Uber, Twitter, and Alibaba adopted this loosely coupled disaggregated stack that enabled querying across many databases and data lakes became the dominant standard for their analytics – with the tightly coupled data warehousing approach relegated to legacy workloads. 

This new architecture is what I’m coining Open Analytics, and it’s built on Presto. And that’s why we built Ahana Cloud – with a mission of simplifying data lake analytics with Presto.

Ahana Cloud brings a SaaS open source analytics option to users with Presto at its core, using open formats and open interfaces. As the first fully integrated, cloud native managed service that simplifies the ability of cloud and data platform teams to provide self-service, Ahana Cloud brings the power of Presto to any data team of any size and skill level. And it is thrilling to see quite a bit of customer adoption just in our early access program. 


What’s new in Ahana Cloud?

With this announcement I’m pleased to share some of the latest innovations on the platform.

  • AWS Marketplace Pay-as-you-Go (PAYGO): Ahana Cloud for Presto is elastically priced based on usage, with PAYGO and annual options via AWS Marketplace, starting from $0.25 per Ahana cloud credit. Try out our pricing calculator.
  • Better logging and monitoring integration
    • Query the Presto Query Log with Presto – We decided the best way to experience the power of Presto is for us and our users to try out Presto on data generated by Presto. The Presto query log is automatically integrated into your account and stored in an S3 data lake. We now have an option to integrate this query log and attach it as an external table to an Ahana-managed Hive Metastore
image 1
  • Presto coordinator logs and Apache Superset logs are integrated into Amazon CloudWatch for each access and integration into your monitoring system 
  • Improved security 
    • We have added mandatory password protection on all Presto clusters created and enabled HTTPS-only access. No Http access is allowed to the cluster. This is very critical given how easy it is to add data sources to Ahana Cloud with a few clicks. 
image 2
  • Data catalog optionality 
    • The Ahana-managed Hive metastore is now optional. You can also bring your own Amazon Glue Catalog or user-managed Hive Metastore. This means lower costs so that you only pay for what you actually need and use. When a cluster is stopped and moves to an inactive state, if there is no attached Ahana-managed Hive Metastore – costs go down to ZERO. On cluster start, all cluster config including data catalogs attached are preserved giving users a one-click start. 
image 3

In addition, users continue to benefit from: 

  • Easy-to-use Ahana SaaS Console for creation, deployment and management of multiple Presto clusters within a user’s AWS account bringing the compute to user’s data 
  • Support for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Relational Database (Amazon RDS) for MySQL, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL and Amazon Elasticsearch 
  • Click-button integration for user-managed Hive Metastores and Amazon Glue
  • Apache Superset Sandbox for admins to ensure connectivity and access
  • Cloud-native, highly scalable and available containerized environment deployed on Amazon EKS

Additionally, we also announced a go-to-market solution in partnership with Intel which includes an Open Data Lake Analytics Accelerator Package for Ahana Cloud users. It leverages Intel Optane on the cloud with AWS. 

Ahana Cloud is available in AWS. You can sign up and start using our service today for free.

What’s next

Today, in under 30 minutes you can be up and running with Presto and Ahana Cloud. The combination of a cloud managed service with federated SQL analytics has so far proven to be a game-changer for our customers. 

We look forward to continuing to innovate Ahana Cloud for our customers and to deliver a seamless, easy experience for data teams looking to leverage the power of Presto. 

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