Announcing the workload profile feature in Ahana Cloud

Ahana Cloud for Presto is the first fully integrated, cloud native managed service that simplifies the ability of cloud and data platform teams. With the managed Presto service, we provide a lot of tuned configurations out of the box for Ahana customers.

We’re excited to announce that the workload profile feature is now available on Ahana Cloud. With this release, users can create a cluster with a validated set of configurations that suits the type of workloads or queries users plan to run.

Today, the Presto clusters are configured with default properties that work well for generic workloads. However, achieving workload-specific tuning and resource allocation requires a good understanding of presto’s resource consumption for that workload. Further, to change or add any property, we first update the configuration file and then restart the cluster. This makes data platform users spend a couple of days and in many cases weeks iterating, evaluating, and experimenting with the config tuning to reach the ideal configuration, specific to the workloads. To solve this pain point and to deliver predictable performance at scale, Ahana Cloud allows user to select tuned set of properties for desired workloads in a one click away.

Here is the short demo of creating Presto Cluster with a workload profile:

Concurrent queries are simply the number of queries executing at the same time in a given cluster. To simplify this experience we have classified workloads based on the number of concurrent queries and curated a set of tuned session properties for each profile.

Low concurrency is useful for clusters that run a limited number of queries or a few large, complex queries. It also supports bigger and heavier ETL jobs.

High concurrency is better for running multiple queries at the same time. For example, dashboard and reporting queries or A/B testing analytics, etc.

This setting can be changed once the cluster has been created and cluster restart is not required. However, the change will only apply to new queries. Following is the short demo on how you can change these profiles for running clusters.

This feature is the beginning of auto-tune capabilities for workload management. We are continuously innovating Ahana Cloud for our customers and to deliver a seamless, easy experience for data teams looking to leverage the power of Presto. Please give it a try and log in to the Ahana Cloud console to get started. We have a free trial as well that you can sign up for today.