The Case for Unbundling Your Lakehouse

When you are looking for a lakehouse, do you think about getting an all in one solution from one vendor? If so, you may be missing out on a great opportunity. By unbundling the lakehouse and using open components that work well together, you can get all of the benefits of owning a lakehouse without breaking the bank. One of the key components of this strategy is the Presto SQL query engine. Let’s take a closer look at what presto can do for you!

 With the rising popularity of data lakehouses, businesses should consider unbundling the ecosystem for greater efficiency and cost savings. A main advantage of a data lakehouse is its capability to process a variety of compute workloads as your organization’s needs evolve over time. Computing workloads can be divided into SQL queries or non-SQL based code, which could be used for Machine Learning training or data manipulation. Most firms realize that SQL is an ideal tool to help their analysts and developers explore data more effectively. Oftentimes, they begin with the introduction of a well–functioning SQL platform rather than other advanced workloads like ML training.

By leveraging open-source presto, organizations are able to create a SQL Lakehouse and provide fast, reliable SQL queries. These presto-based systems are often more cost-effective than a bundled, single-vendor option which tend to have closed-source components, like a proprietary engine and metadata catalog. 

Unbundling your lakehouse offers a number of distinct benefits. For the SQL lakehouse example, Linux Foundation Presto can be used as the powerful open source query engine, Apache Hudi for the table format, Apache Hive Metastore for the catalog, all open components without lock in. Additionally, unbundling gives platform engineers the opportunity to opt for other open source projects that are quickly evolving to find the more cost-effective platform at any given time. Therefore, unbundling can provide unprecedented levels of functionality, scalability, flexibility, and performance at a decreased cost compared to traditional single-vendor lakehouse offerings.

Presto is a distributed query engine designed to enable fast, interactive analytics on all your data. Presto is an open-source system and has several key advantages over closed-source offerings: performance, scalability, and reliability. Use Presto for your unbundled SQL Lakehouse.