Upsolver and Ahana Announce Technology Partnership to Accelerate Adoption of Open Data Lake Analytics in the Cloud with Presto

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Todd Odess, Head of Partnerships at Upsolver | Ali LeClerc, Head of Marketing at Ahana

Today we’re thrilled to announce our joint technology partnership. Upsolver, the first no-code, high-speed cloud compute layer for making data lakes analytics-ready and Ahana, the managed service for Presto, offer an end-to-end cloud-native solution for open data lake analytics. This solution gives anyone the ability to prepare data for analysis and query. Upsolver’s visual UI lets users easily land and automatically optimize data in AWS S3, and then query it with Ahana Cloud for Presto. 

Customers get to value quickly and affordably, without having to write and maintain Spark-based data pipelines or manage complex query engines. Over the long-term, they benefit from greater analytics agility, being able to productionize new use cases in days rather than weeks or months. 

Companies today collect and manage massive amounts of data – on AWS S3 alone there are 10,000+ data lakes. But studies show that companies only analyze 12% of their data; the rest is locked up in siloed systems, expensive on-premises solutions, and incompatible data formats. Open Data Lake Analytics helps users unlock that data. 

Open Data Lake Analytics is an approach to traditional data analytics that opens up a wider range of data for analytics in the cloud. It’s built on open source Presto, the distributed SQL query engine, and supports open formats (Apache Parquet, Apache ORC, and more) and open interfaces that integrate with existing SQL systems. It can also run on any cloud. 

Together, Ahana and Upsolver give organizations a cloud-native platform that analyzes large volumes of data at any speed – real-time or batch – automating the convoluted process of building cloud data lakes plus managing Presto. Working together enables data teams to manage complex pre-query data engineering and a distributed query engine without having deep technical knowledge. 

Upsolver provides a visual, SQL-based interface to easily create and manage tables, as well as deep integration with AWS S3, AWS Glue Catalog, and PrestoDB for high performance queries. 

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We believe this partnership that provides open data lake analytics is critical to maximize the value of our customers’ data lakes. Together we accelerate time to value on data lake analytics projects and make it simple enough for any data practitioner to analyze any dataset.

This joint solution brings the power of technologies used at internet-scale companies like Facebook, Uber, Twitter to data teams of any size. It helps companies expand beyond the cloud data warehouse to a multifaceted analytical stack, opening up a broad set of advanced use cases and the flexibility.

We look forward to this new partnership with Upsolver and making the open cloud data lake accessible for everyone.

Additionally, Ahana and Upsolver are both part of the AWS Partner Network and premier members of the Linux Foundation’s Presto Foundation, a foundation that governs the community-driven PrestoDB project.

Ahana and Upsolver will be holding a free virtual hands-on workshop on March 23 to help users get up and running with the platform. Registration is now open.

The joint solution is available today, users can select Ahana as an output for Upsolver:

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Send us a note if you’re interested in learning more! Looking forward to seeing all you do with Upsolver and Ahana 😀