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What is DB Presto Online?

If you are looking for online resources for Presto like the docs, then start here 

If you are looking for information on how to tell if your Presto cluster is online or offline then read on.

Presto Mac/Brew Install

If you installed Presto on your Mac using brew then the service is called presto-server and you manage it like this:

$ presto-server run

To tell if your presto server is online:

$ presto-server status
Not Running

Presto manual Install 

If you are running a regular deployment of open source Presto you start/stop/check status with:

$ bin/launcher stop
$ bin/launcher start
$ bin/launcher status
Running as 61824

To be sure your presto server is online point your browser at its host IP (e.g.  localhost:8080) and you should see the Presto Console’s “Cluster Overview” UI.