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Learn why companies are using Ahana Cloud to power open data lake analytics with Presto

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Blinkit, India’s delivery system committed to speed, chose Ahana Cloud for their Open Data Lakehouse. This gave them more flexibility at much better price performance so they can meet their SLA’s.

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Hear from Akshay Agarwal,
Sr. Software Engineer at Blinkit 

Metropolis – Reimagining the parking experience for drivers & eliminating the need for tickets and pay machines.

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By combining AWS Lake Formation with Presto on the data lake, Metropolis gets the flexibility and control with better price performance as compared to the relational database

Securonix, a lead in next-gen SIEM, chose Ahana Cloud to power its open data lake analytics. Securonix uses Ahana Cloud for Presto to enable extremely fast SQL queries on AWS S3 for ‘Threat Hunting’.

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Santhosh Kumar Ravindran
Delivery Lead at Adroitts

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Adroitts, a leading ISV focused on building IT solutions for their customers, moved from AWS Athena to Ahana Cloud and saw 5.5X performance improvement on their queries.


Ad Tech company moves to Ahana

“With Ahana Cloud, we got the benefit of Presto without all of the limitations of Athena. Now we have full control of our deployment.”
-Jordan Hoggart, Data Engineer at Carbon



“Ahana removed all the difficulties and challenges of deploying Presto to our production environment and granted us control over the cluster with scaling up and down options. We were able to accomplish that within an hour.”
-Omar Mohamed, Data Engineer at Cartona