Replacing AWS Athena with Ahana Cloud for Presto

Leading ISV Adroitts moves to Ahana Cloud for Presto for better price performance and scale

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Presto at Adroitts

Adroitts’ mission is to build secure, reliable and cost-effective products for their customers. When it comes to data analytics, they must be able to link transactions to respective customers with their profile information to get the full view of the customer. They chose Presto as the underlying query engine to do this.


Customer profiles


Customer data size


Transactions data size

Phase 1: AWS Athena for serverless Presto

Adroitts chose Presto as the underlying analytics engine. For their first phase, they implemented AWS Athena (serverless Presto). While easy to get started, as Adroitts scaled they started running into challenges.


  • No control over the compute engine
  • Hard to run complex queries at higher scale
  • Limited concurrency
  • Queries may get queued up
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Phase 2: Ahana Cloud for SaaS for Presto

Adroitts needed a better Presto service that would solve for those challenges. That’s why they chose Ahana Cloud.

  • 5.5x price performance
  • Faster queries
  • More control
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Why Adroitts moved from AWS Athena to Ahana Cloud


Ahana provides better and more predictable query performance, which means no more stalling or failing queries

More control

Get more control over your Presto deployment and configuration


Scale Presto on demand to minimize costs

Easy Management

Easier admin with Ahana’s management GUI console

Watch the Adroitts PrestoCon session

“Ahana Cloud allows us to scale on demand in a dynamic manner, with no stalling or failing queries (like we had with AWS Athena). We are really happy with Ahana being able to solve our customers’ IT challenges in an effective and performant manner.”

Santhosh Kumar Ravindran, Delivery Lead at Adroitts

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