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By combining AWS Lake Formation with Presto on the data lake, Metropolis gets the flexibility and control with better price performance as compared to the relational database

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Building a secure data lake with Ahana for Presto and AWS Lake Formation

Facing challenges with PostgreSQL and MySQL when it came to their rapid increase in data volume and compute, Metropolis needed a flexible and horizontally scalable data lake architecture to address their challenges associated with control and flexibility but still needed fine-grained security policies.

They moved to a data lake architecture which includes AWS S3 for data storage, AWS Lake Formation for fine-grained security control, and Ahana for Presto for SQL on S3. Metropolis augments their own data with third-party sources like Zendesk, Heap, and Stripe, storing the resulting datasets in the data lake.

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The benefits of Ahana Cloud and AWS Lake Formation allowed Metropolis the control, security, and flexibility they needed by:

  • SQL on the data lake in an open and flexible way
  • Defining and managing metadata and access permissions in a single place
  • Restricting access to data based on need-to-know to protect sensitive and private information

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