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SIEM leader Securonix chose Ahana Cloud to power threat detection

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Securonix, a lead in next-gen SIEM, moved from AWS Athena to Ahana Cloud for open data lake analytics. Securonix uses Ahana Cloud for Presto to enable extremely fast SQL queries on AWS S3 for ‘Threat Hunting’.

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“We are very excited about our partnership with Presto and Ahana because Ahana provides us the ability to cloudify Presto, in addition to being our conduit to the Presto community. We believe this is the analytics solution of the future, and with Ahana for Presto we’re able to offer our customers data that’s queryable at an extremely fast speed at very reasonable price points. That has significant benefits for our customers.”

Sachin Nayyer, CEO Securonix

“Before Presto we were using a Hadoop cluster, and the challenge was on scale…not only was it expensive but the scaling factors were not linear. The Presto engine was designed for scale, and it’s feature-built just for a query engine. Ahana Cloud made it easy for us to use Presto in the cloud.”

Derrick Harcey, Chief Architect at Securonix

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3X better price-performance than AWS Athena

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Securonix started with AWS Athena, the serverless Presto service. As their queries scaled, they saw performance degradation due to Athena’s serverless nature.

They benchmarked AWS Athena with Ahana Cloud and saw 3X price performance improvement as a result on different workloads.

Securonix Architecture

Securonix Architecture_Ahana

Securonix uses Ahana Cloud for Presto for SQL analytics on their data lake.

They are pulling in billions of events per day, and that data needs to be searched for threats.

With Ahana Cloud, Securonix customers can identify threats in real-time at a reasonable price.

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