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Stop a Presto Cluster

Stops the Presto cluster. A stopped cluster is available in Inactive Clusters on the View Presto Clusters page of the Ahana SaaS Console.


Any active query on the Presto cluster that does not complete in the Presto cluster's Query Termination Grace Period fails.

All Ahana metadata and Ahana-managed catalog data in the Hive Metastore will be maintained and available on cluster start. This is useful when no usage is planned for a prolonged period of time.


Stopping the Presto cluster does not stop the optional attached Hive Metastore. After you stop the Presto cluster, you can stop the attached Hive Metastore instance in the EC2 Management Console in AWS.

To see if the Presto cluster has an attached Hive Metastore, see Information in Presto Cluster Overview.

To stop a Presto cluster:

  1. In the Ahana SaaS Console, select the Clusters tab, select the Manage button for the Presto cluster, then select the Danger Zone tab.

Presto Cluster Danger Zone

  1. In Danger Zone, select Stop Cluster.
  2. In the confirmation, select Stop Cluster.