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Set Up the Ahana Compute Plane

The Ahana Compute Plane requires several AWS services such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, S3, and others. To provision these resources, the AWS role that Ahana assumes must have policies that allow Ahana to orchestrate and deploy the needed resources in your AWS account.


The contents of the policies are available at Ahana AWS IAM Policies.

This page presents how to provision your Ahana Compute Plane in your AWS account using CloudFormation templates to grant Ahana cross-account access by creating a new AWS IAM role using the Ahana account ID and custom external ID.


To manually create a new IAM Role and Policies, see Manual Setup of the Ahana Compute Plane.

Create a new AWS IAM Role

  1. Log in to the Ahana SaaS Console.

AWS IAM Role Creation

  1. Select CloudFormation.

  2. Select Open CloudFormation.

  3. Login to the AWS console. The Quick create stack page displays.

CloudFormation Quick Create

  1. Select I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names.

  2. Select Create stack.

Provide Ahana with the AWS IAM Role ARN

  1. In AWS CloudFormation, select Stacks, then select the stack that you created.

  2. Select Outputs.

Find the Role ARN in the CloudFormation output

  1. Copy the complete Value. The value is similar to arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/ahana-cloud-provisioning-role.

  2. In Ahana, enter the copied value in Role ARN.

AWS Setup

Complete the Compute Plane Setup

  1. In Ahana, select the AWS Region where you want to provision the Compute Plane. Only one Compute Plane may be created in an AWS Region for each Ahana account.

It is recommended to select the AWS region where your data sources are located so that the compute and storage are co-located to reduce AWS data transfer costs.

AWS Setup

  1. Choose 2 or 3 AWS Availability Zones in the selected AWS Region. The Compute Plane uses Amazon EKS (Kubernetes) which is created by default across availability zones for high availability.

  2. Enter a Tenant Name that will be used to provide access to resources created in your Compute Plane.


The tenant name must begin and end with a-z or 0-9. Hyphens, lowercase letters, and numbers are valid characters. It has a maximum length of 63 characters.

  1. To create the Ahana Compute Plane, select Complete Setup, then select Confirm.

Confirm setup

It takes between 20 and 40 minutes to provison the Compute Plane, depending on the AWS region.

When complete, Ahana sends an email to the email address used to register the Ahana account about the successful provisioning, and the Ahana SaaS Console updates.

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