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Modify a Presto Cluster

Resizing a Presto cluster#

Changing the number of nodes in the cluster is very easy. Click on the edit icon Edit icon in the Number of worker nodes section.

Edit number of Presto nodes

Update the number of nodes and click Update. Resize Presto cluster

The cluster will be moved into a Pending state. However, the cluster will still be available for querying.


When you reduce the number of worker nodes, the Presto cluster tries to gracefully remove the nodes, however it can result in query failures.

Changing the Workload Profile#

You can change the workload profile after creating a cluster, and a cluster restart is not required. However, the change will only apply to the new queries.

To change the workload profile, click on the edit icon in the Concurrency section of cluster information.

Edit workload profile

This will navigate to a page where you can update the workload profile. Update the workload profile and click Update.

Update workload profile