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Migrate Single Presto User Cluster

Presto clusters created with an Ahana Compute Plane version below 3.0 only support a single Presto user per cluster. With an Ahana Compute Plane version of 3.0+, you can migrate any existing single Presto user cluster to support multiple Presto users.


If you are on an Ahana Compute Plane version below 3.0 and would like to be upgraded, please reach out to your Ahana representative or Contact Ahana Support.

In single Presto user clusters, select Change Credentials in the Connection Details section of the cluster details.

Single Presto user cluster

Eligble Presto clusters will provide a banner indicating support for multiple Presto users. Select Add More Users to migrate to a multiple Presto user cluster.

Migrate to Presto users

If Presto users have already been created, you can add them to the cluster. To create new Presto users, see Create a Presto User. If you select Cancel, you will retain the single Presto user in the cluster.


You can preserve the existing single Presto user by creating, or adding if already created, a Presto user with the same username and password. This will maintain authentication for any existing clients connecting to the cluster.

Select Presto users