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This page helps you manage your Ahana Cloud subscriptions.

Subscription Types

All subscriptions are made through the AWS Marketplace.


When signing up to Ahana Cloud for the first time you have a 14 day trial to test out the product. After the trial period you must subscribe in order to continue using the service. If you do not have an Ahana account, see Create an Ahana account.

Ahana Cloud supports the following subscription options:

  • A Pay-as-you-go subscription
    • Self-serve, charged monthly to your AWS account.
    • $0.25 per Ahana Cloud Credit (ACC) hour, see Ahana Cloud Pricing for more information.
  • A SaaS Contract subscription
    • Custom terms and discounted fixed time prices are available.

To identify which kind of subscription is active for an Ahana account, see Cost Management.


You receive invoices for your Ahana Cloud usage through the AWS account that you subscribed from.

Subscribe to Ahana Cloud

Pay-as-you-go subscription

To subscribe to Pay-as-you-go:

  1. Open the Ahana Cloud for Presto product listing page in AWS Marketplace.
  2. Select Continue to Subscribe.
  3. Select Subscribe.
  4. Select Set Up Your Account and you will be redirected to the Ahana Cloud console.
  5. Log into your Ahana account.
  6. Review the the AWS account and the Ahana account of the new subscription.
  7. Select the checkboxes to confirm the information and select Submit.

Contract subscription

Contact our Sales team at to discuss the contract terms.

Cancel your Ahana Cloud subscription

After you cancel your subscription, you can no longer create or start Presto clusters.

Pay-as-you-go subscription

To cancel your subscription:

  1. Log in the AWS account that you subscribed from.
  2. Visit the Marketplace subscription page.
  3. Select Manage on the Subscription called Ahana Cloud for Presto.
  4. In the Agreement section, select Actions and select Cancel Subscription.
  5. In the confirmation dialog, select the I understand checkbox, then select Yes, cancel subscription.

Contract subscription

Contact your Ahana representative at to manage your contract subscription.

Expired Subscriptions

When a SaaS Contract subscription expires, it automatically converts to a Pay-as-you-go subscription.

If a Ahana account subscription is inactive - for example, if a trial subscription period expires - some features of the Ahana Console are disabled. See Expired Subscription Capabilities for more information.