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AWS EMR for Presto and Ahana Cloud for Presto

AWS EMR is a managed cluster platform that simplifies running big data frameworks such as Hadoop MapReduce, Spark, Presto, Hive etc. Ahana Cloud is managed service for Presto that makes it easy to deploy, run, and manage Presto on AWS.

Looking at AWS EMR Presto and Ahana Cloud for Presto

amazon emr

Amazon EMR Presto
Good for large teams who have the expertise and resources to manage the complexities of a Hadoop deployment

  • Built for experienced big data teams
  • Lower level infrastructure knowledge needed to get started
  • Complete control of every component of deployment
  • Better fit for complex, heavier workloads
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Ahana Cloud for Presto
Good for any team size who want to focus on their business and leave the operational complexity to the managed service provider

  • Built for data teams of all experience levels
  • Managed service – easy to get started
  • Moderate level of control of deployment without the complexity
  • Dedicated support from Presto experts

Ready to try it out?

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Get up and running in 45 minutes. Ahana’s managed service for Presto gives you the power of open source Presto as a managed service. Our team members can answer your questions.