Presto Alternative: AWS EMR Presto Issues

👉 Looking for an alternative to AWS EMR Presto that is simpler, faster, and cheaper? Ahana Cloud can help.

Amazon EMR is a managed cluster platform that simplifies running big data frameworks such as Hadoop MapReduce, Spark, Presto, Hive etc. There are two main reasons why customers use EMR with Presto:

(A) EMR (Elastic Map Reduce) is already a part of their Big Data ecosystem

(B) Customers need an alternative to Amazon Athena with predictability, control, and visibility (though they soon learn Athena cannot provide this)

There is a third alternative – which is often simpler, faster, cheaper than AWS EMR: Ahana Cloud for Presto.

Overview: EMR Presto and Ahana Cloud for Presto

Amazon EMR Presto
Good for large teams who have the expertise and resources to manage the complexities of a Hadoop deployment

  • Complex, Resource, and Personnel Intensive service
  • Need to understand the specific configuration and tuning parameters for Hadoop
  • Need to manage releases, upgrades, patching
  • Slow to adopt newer Presto releases
  • Manual tuning expertise required
  • Caching not available

Ahana Cloud for Presto
Good for any team size who want to focus on their business and leave the operational complexity to the managed service provider

  • Simple, easy to set up with a few clicks – not personnel intensive
  • Non-Hadoop deployment, standalone Presto on Kubernetes
  • Managed environment with stateless presto clusters
  • Frequent release updates (Current version 0.249)
  • Preconfigured/Tuned with additional optimizations
  • Performance is up to 23x faster with caching

AWS EMR Presto vs. Ahana Cloud for Presto

Challenge 1:
Operational Overhead

❗️ AWS EMR Presto
Hadoop is inherently complex. Unless you already have sizeable and expert team managing your Hadoop infrastructure such that incremental costs of supporting the Presto framework are low, EMR will turn out to be expensive.

Ahana Cloud
Fully-managed environment which can be set up with a click of a button. No Hadoop or Presto experience required. You never have to touch a configuration tuning parameter

Challenge 2:

❗️ AWS EMR Presto
You need to tune the cluster and configuration parameters for your workloads. Caching for DataLake is not available

Ahana Cloud
Pre-configured intelligent defaults for tunables available along with DataLake IO caching for high concurrency workloads.

Challenge 3:
Connector support

❗️ AWS EMR Presto
Only 15 of the 26 Presto connectors are supported on the latest EMR platform

Ahana Cloud
Connectors can be easily added as required

Challenge 4:

❗️ AWS EMR Presto
Costs are a combination of operational costs as well as infrastructure costs. Often times customers try to optimize operational costs by having a single cluster which caters to all their business needs – Business Analysts, ETL workloads, Querying, Adhoc Discovery – this results in a much larger cluster than required increasing infrastructure costs significantly

Ahana Cloud
Ahana is cloud-native and runs on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes (EKS), helping you to reduce operational costs with its automated cluster management, increased resilience, speed, and ease of use. Plus, Ahana is pay-as-you-go-pricing for your PrestoDB deployment – only pay for what you use. You can have separate clusters for separate use cases without having to worry about operational overheads. The clusters can be on or off depending upon when they are in use.

Why choose Ahana Cloud for Presto over EMR Presto?

📣 To summarize, here are six reasons Ahana’s Managed Presto Service offers a compelling alternative to EMR Presto:

  • You don’t need to run a full-fledged Hadoop cluster
  • It’s cheaper than Hadoop clusters which are operationally expensive
  • It takes care of the thousands of tunables you have to manage in Presto
  • You get the latest version of Presto
  • You get the best performance improvements, like Data Lake IO caching
  • Cutting edge features like Auto Scaling and Scale down on Idle (Upcoming feature)

Ready to try it out?

Get up and running in 45 minutes. Ahana’s managed service for PrestoDB is an Amazon EMR Presto alternative and can solve the trade offs. You get the power of open source Presto as a managed service. Since it’s Presto, the transition is seamless and fully compatible. Our team members can answer your questions during a free migration consult call.