Events & Webinars

  • Hands-on Virtual Lab: Presto 101 for Beginners
    Virtual – In this 90 minutes hands-on virtual lab you’ll get started with the basics of Presto, an open source SQL query engine. Seats are limited, register today to secure spot.
  • Next Gen Big Data Platforms Meetup
    Virtual – Join us at this meetup where Ahana Cofounder and CPO, Dipti Borkar will present "Unlock the Value of Data with Open Data Lake Analytics." Learn about a Presto-based analytics stack built on open-source and public cloud offerings.

Past Events:

  • 0 to Presto in 30 minutes with AWS and Ahana Cloud
    Virtual – Join AWS Solutions Architect Gary Stafford and Ahana Cofounder Dipti Borkar for this webinar and see how Ahana Cloud, the managed service for Presto, simplifies Presto deployment and management on AWS running in-VPC on Kubernetes.
  • Webinar: How to Build an Open Data Lake Analytics Stack
    Virtual – During Dzone-hosted webinar, Ahana cofounder & CPO Dipti Borkar will discuss the open data lake analytics stack, powered by Presto.
  • Hands-on Virtual Lab: Querying Data in AWS S3 with Presto
    Virtual – Learn how to query and analyze your AWS S3-based data lake using Presto in this 90 minute free hands-on lab.
  • Unlocking the Value of Your Data Lake (hosted by Dataversity)
    Virtual – During this webinar Ahana co-founder and Chief Product Officer Dipti Borkar will discuss how to unlock the value of your data lake with the emerging Open Data Lake analytics architecture.
  • Presto on AWS: Exploring different Presto services
    In this webinar, Asif will discuss these 3 approaches, the pros and cons of each, and how to determine which service is best for your use case. Asif will provide a quick overview of EMR Presto, Athena, and Ahana and the benefits/limitations of each and how to pick the best approach based on your needs.
  • Ahana 101: An introduction to Ahana Cloud for Presto on AWS, SaaS for Presto on AWS
    In this webinar Ram will discuss why companies are using Ahana Cloud for their Presto deployments and give an overview of Ahana including: the Ahana SaaS console, how easy it is to add data sources like AWS S3 and integrate catalogs like Hive, and features like Data Lake Caching for 5x performance and autoscaling.
  • Presto 101: An introduction to open source Presto
    In this session, Dipti will introduce the Presto technology and share why it’s becoming so popular – in fact, companies like Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Alibaba, and much more use Presto for interactive ad hoc queries, reporting & dashboarding data lake analytics, and much more. We’ll also show a quick demo on getting Presto running in AWS.
  • SQL on the Data Lake: Using open source Presto to unlock the value of your data lake
    In this webinar, Dipti will discuss why open source Presto has quickly become the de-facto query engine for the data lake. Presto enables ad hoc data discovery where you can use SQL to run queries whenever you want, wherever your data resides. With Presto, you can unlock the value of your data lake. This webinar will cover an overview of Presto and why it emerged as the best engine for the data lake, how to use Presto to run ad hoc queries on your data lake, and how you can get started with Presto on AWS S3 today.
  • Data Warehouse or Data Lake: Which one do I use?
    In this webinar, you’ll hear from industry analyst John Santaferraro and Ahana cofounder and CPO Dipti Borkar who will discuss the data landscape and how many companies are thinking about their data warehouse/data lake strategy. They’ll share more perspective on how you should think about what fits best based on your use case and workloads, and how some real world customers are using Presto, a SQL query engine, to bring analytics to the data lake.
  • Community Roundtable: Open Data Lakes with Presto, Apache Hudi & AWS Glue and S3 – the next generation of analytics
    Join us for this roundtable discussion where experts from each layer in this stack – Presto, AWS, and Apache Hudi – will discuss why we’re seeing a pronounced adoption to this next generation of cloud data lake analytics and how these technologies enable open, flexible, and highly performant analytics in the cloud.
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