Ahana 101: An introduction to Ahana Cloud for Presto on AWS, SaaS for Presto on AWS


Presto is the fastest growing query engine used by companies like Facebook, Uber, Twitter and many more. While powerful, Presto can be complicated to run on your own especially if you’re a smaller team that may not have the skillset.

That’s where Ahana comes in. Ahana Cloud is SaaS for Presto, giving teams of all sizes the power to deploy and manage Presto on AWS. Ahana takes care of hundreds of deployment and management configurations of Presto including attaching/detaching external data sources, configuration parameters, tuning, and much more.

In this webinar Ram will discuss why companies are using Ahana Cloud for their Presto deployments and give an overview of Ahana including:

  • The Ahana SaaS console
  • How easy it is to add data sources like AWS S3 and integrate catalogs like Hive
  • Features like Data Lake Caching for 5x performance and autoscaling

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Ram Upendran
Technical Product Marketing Manager, Ahana