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How Ad tech company Carbon saw queries run 90% faster than AWS Athena with Ahana Cloud

Evaluating AWS Athena Presto and Ahana Cloud

Ad tech company Carbon chose Presto to power its real-time customer facing dashboards. After using AWS Athena Presto, they ran into some issues around query performance and visibility into their deployment.

Carbon moved to Ahana Cloud for Presto to solve for those problems. In this case study, you’ll get the deployment details for both architectures as well as the performance comparisons of AWS Athena vs. Ahana Cloud. You’ll also see the considerations the team took when migrating from AWS Athena to Ahana, an overview of the two solutions, performance results, and key learnings.

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Ahana Cloud is the easiest managed service for Presto on AWS. Learn why Carbon and others chose Ahana for SQL on the data lake.

“With Ahana Cloud, we got the benefit of Presto without all of the limitations of Athena. Now we have full control of our deployment.”
-Jordan Hoggart, Data Engineer at Carbon