Presto SQL Engine

Tech Talk Series: Getting Started with Presto

A tech talk series built for the community, by the community

Join us for this tech talk series where we’ll have engineers from Ahana and Twitter covering everything from the basics to advanced architecture.

Level 101 for Presto: What is PrestoDB?


In Level 101, you’ll get an overview of Presto, including:

  • A high level overview of Presto & most common use cases
  • The problems it solves and why you should use it
  • A live, hands-on demo on getting Presto running on AWS
  • Real world example: How Twitter uses Presto at scale

Level 102 for Presto: Getting Started with PrestoDB


In this tech talk, we’ll build on what we learned in Level 101 and show you how easy it is to get started with PrestoDB. We’ll also dive deeper into Presto’s key features and connectors including:

  • Key technical features of PrestoDB
  • More about the many PrestoDB connectors, including Hive, Druid, Kafka, and MySQL
  • How to run a query

Level 103 for Presto: Deep Dive into the PrestoDB Architecture at Twitter


In this tech talk, we’ll take a look at the PrestoDB architecture in more technical depth. Next, we’ll have the Presto engineers at Twitter share their PrestoDB use case and architecture which includes several large Presto clusters with over 2,000 nodes, including:

  • More in-depth technical concepts around Presto
  • How Twitter uses Presto as a highly scalable query predictor service
  • The PrestoDB architecture at Twitter


Beinan Wang
Sr. Software Engineer, Twitter

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Da Cheng
Software Engineer, Twitter

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Da Cheng

Chunxu Tang
Software Engineer, Twitter

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Dipti Borkar
Co-Founder & CPO, Ahana

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