Community Roundtable

Open Data Lakes with Presto, Apache Hudi & AWS Glue and S3 – the next generation of analytics


As we see more companies augment the traditional cloud data warehouses and in some cases replace their data warehouses with cloud data lakes, a new stack has emerged that supports data warehouse workloads that weren’t possible on a data lake before while bringing a lot more advantages like lower cost, flexibility and no lock-in with open formats and open interfaces. 

The new stack: Presto + Apache Hudi + AWS Glue and S3 = The PHAS3 stack

Unlike the cloud data warehouse which is closed source, has data stored in proprietary formats, tends to be very expensive, and assumes data needs to be ingested and integrated into one database to provide the critical business insights for decision-making, the PHAS3 stack is open, flexible, and affordable.

Join us for this roundtable discussion where experts from each layer in this stack – Presto, AWS, and Apache Hudi – will discuss why we’re seeing a pronounced adoption to this next generation of cloud data lake analytics and how these technologies enable open, flexible, and highly performant analytics in the cloud.

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Vinoth Chandar
Creator of Hudi

Roy Hasson
Principal Product Manager

Dipti Borkar
Cofounder & CPO

Eric Kavanagh