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Unlocking the Business Value of the Data Lake 

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As more companies are moving to the cloud, choosing how and where to store their data remains a critical decision. While the data lake has quickly become a popular choice, the challenge lies in getting business value out of that data lake. To solve for that, we’re seeing a modern, open data lake analytics stack emerge. This stack includes open source, open formats, and open clouds, giving companies flexibility at each layer so they can harness the full potential of their data lake data.

Join us for this webinar where we’ll discuss how nearly three-fifths of organizations have gained competitive advantage from their data lake initiatives. That includes unleashing the intelligence-generating potential of a data lake that enables ad hoc data discovery and analytics in an open and flexible manner. We’ll cover:

  • The primary approaches for building an open data lake analytics stack, including where and how the data warehouse fits
  • The business benefits enabled by the technical advantages of this open data lake analytics stack
  • Why structured data processing and analytics accelerating capabilities are critical

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Matt Aslett
VP & Research Director, Ventana

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Wen Phan
Director of Product, Ahana