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How to build an Open Data Lakehouse stack

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As more companies are leveraging the Data Lake to run their warehouse workloads, we’re seeing many companies move to an Open Data Lakehouse stack. The Open Data Lakehouse brings the reliability and performance of the Data Warehouse together with the flexibility and simplicity of the Data Lake, enabling data warehouse workloads to run on the data lake.

Join us for this webinar where we’ll show you how you can build an open data lakehouse stack. At the heart of this stack is Presto, the open source SQL query engine for the data lake, and the transaction manager / governance layer, which includes technologies like Apache Hudi, Delta Lake, and AWS Lake Formation.

You’ll Learn:

  • What an Open Data Lakehouse Stack is
  • How Presto, the de facto query engine for the data lakehouse, underpins that stack
  • How to get started building your open data lakehouse analytics stack today

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Shawn Gordon

Sr. Developer Advocate, Ahana

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