Feb 2022_virtual lab


Architecting your Data Lake for Fast Queries


In this 90-minute, hands-on lab you will learn best practices to optimize your AWS S3 based data lake, learning how to query and analyze your data lake for better performance.

Tuesday, February 22 | 10am PT

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In this 90 minute hands-on, virtual lab we’ll go through best practices on how to optimize your AWS S3-based data lake for better query throughput and performance. 

Come prepared to have your video on while following along with the instructor – this is an interactive session and we encourage participation from everyone attending!

This event has ended.

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What you’ll learn:

  • A quick overview on the open data lake analytics stack
  • Using Presto as the query engine on your data lake
  • Identify when a query can benefit from:
    • A different partition column
    • Horizontal cluster scaling
    • Changing data catalog properties
  • Increasing query performance by optimizing storage
    • Columnar storage format
    • Understanding when/how to partition data
  • RaptorX and Caching

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Ahana Cloud for Presto
  • Work on optimization
    • Partitioning
    • Compression
    • Formats
    • Hive connector tunables – caching, session properties
  • How to do horizontal cluster scaling

By the end of this lab, you’ll know how to run fast and efficient queries with Presto to optimize your AWS S3 data lake.