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Ahana + Intel for Open Data Lake Analytics with Presto

Ahana and Intel have partnered to offer an Open Data Lake Analytics Accelerator Package for Ahana Cloud users that leverages Intel®-optimized AWS instances. 

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Accelerating Analytics with Intel on AWS

Ahana is part of Intel’s Disruptor Program, an exclusive program for high growth tech companies focused on data-centric enterprise use cases. Together we’ll bring the Open Data Lake Analytics Accelerator Package to market to power faster analytics in the cloud.

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Intel and Ahana are premier members of the Presto Foundation

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Intel-optimized AWS instances provide the best price performance from the underlying Intel Cascade Lake Process Technology

Unlocking Faster Data-Driven Analytics with Intel & Ahana

What is Open Data Lake Analytics?

An Open Data Lake Analytics approach is a technology stack that includes open source, open formats, open interfaces, and open cloud, a preferred approach for companies that want to avoid proprietary formats and technology lock-in that come with traditional data warehouses. 

The architecture consists of a loosely coupled disaggregated stack that enables querying across many databases and data lakes, without having to move any of the data. Presto is used to query data directly on a data lake without the need for transformation; your data can be queried in place. You can query any type of data in your data lake, including both structured and unstructured data.

Open Data Lake Analytics Accelerator Package

This package is available for Ahana Cloud users that leverage Intel on AWS and includes special incentives (free usage, credits, and more) and PAYGO pricing. It’s available today via an AWS Marketplace Private Offer.

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