Is Presto Free?

Many folks may wonder “is Presto free”? In fact, PrestoDB is a free, open source federated, distributed SQL query engine used for ad hoc analytics. The PrestoDB AMI is 100% open source and available for use in production immediately. PrestoDB AMI is the first and only completely open source and completely free edition of the software.

At Ahana, we have a team of PrestoDB experts who are actively contributing to the open source project and community. Our mission is to help you be successful with your PrestoDB deployments. 

You can sign up for Ahana Cloud for Presto, the first full integrated, cloud-native managed service for Presto. It is the easiest Presto experience ever, and requires no installation, no AWS AMIs or CFTs and no configuration. You can be running SQL queries on your AWS data within 30 minutes. You can sign up for free here.