How To Access Presto

There are several ways to access and use Presto. Here are 3 of the most common ways:

  1. Command Line Interface

The Presto CLI provides a terminal-based interactive shell for running queries. The CLI is a self-executing JAR file, which means it acts like a normal UNIX executable.

Download presto-cli-0.nnn-executable.jar from Presto’s Downloads page at, rename it to presto, make it executable with chmod +x, then run it like this:

./presto --server localhost:8080 --catalog hive --schema default --user xxx --password

On a Mac you can also use Brew to install the Presto CLI.  Simply type brew install presto on the command line.

  1. Apache Superset

Superset enables users to consume data in many different ways: Writing SQL queries, creating tables, creating a visualizations and sophisticated dashboards.  Superset can be downloaded from

  1.  JDBC/ODBC Drivers

A huge number of tools and apps can be connected to Presto via JDBC and ODBC.  JDBC driver details and download is here:

For ODBC several free and paid-for options exist:

In addition some applications have drivers for Presto built-in – Tableau is one such  example.

More tools, APIs and information on how to access presto can be found on the Presto Resources page at