Presto Guide, Documentation & Support

Presto is a fast, flexible distributed SQL engine created and used by Facebook at scale. O’Reilly’s Learning and Operating Presto ebook is an approachable guide for using Presto and getting Presto into a production deployment. It is intended to make Presto more accessible to anyone who cares about their organization becoming data-driven. It will explain how to begin Presto operations at your organization to derive insights on datasets of any type and any size, wherever they reside. 

Regardless of whether you’re a current user of Presto, new to Presto, or going to provide Presto to your users, the O’Reilly Learning and Operating Presto guide book does an excellent job of explaining what you need to know.  By reading this Presto guide you will learn what Presto is, where it came from, and how it differs from other data warehousing solutions. You’ll discover why Facebook, Uber, Twitter, and cloud providers use Presto and how you can quickly deploy Presto in production. You’ll hear about who uses Presto and the ways they solve data challenges with Presto. 

You can supplement what you learn in this Presto guide by visiting the Presto website, reading the Ahana blog, and participating in Presto’s growing community, which is filled with experienced users, developers, and data architects. You can join the Slack channel, engage via Github Discussions, attend the Presto Virtual Meetups.  All these avenues will help guide you through Presto. You can also view official Presto documentation.

If you’re looking for official support for Presto, take a look at Ahana Cloud. We offer SaaS for Presto with pay as you go pricing and technical support.