Data Lakehouse

Ahana Cloud for Presto
An alternative to Managed Trino

Query your AWS S3 Data Lakes with SQL using Presto, the alternative to Trino

The Best Alternative to Managed Trino

No installation, No AWS AMIs or CFTs, No configuration


Presto is easy to use

0 to SQL on S3 in 30 minutes including the in-VPC AWS service in your own account with the Ahana Console

Fully Integrated

fully integrated

Built-in catalog and easy integration with data sources, catalogs and dashboarding tools

Cloud Native

cloud native

Runs on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service for high scalability, availability and manageability

Get up and running with Ahana Cloud for Presto in 30 minutes

  1. Sign up – no credit card info needed
  2. Create your cross account role in AWS
  3. Create your compute plane
  4. Add your data source(s)
  5. Query your data!

Check out our quick video series so you can see how it works!

Ahana Cloud reference architecture

  • Generate insights and drive decision-making faster than ever before. 
  • Self-service, SQL analytics for data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and product managers. 
  • Get faster, more iterative, and interactive data discovery across all your organization’s data—without the complexity.
saas for presto

ahana mark white Ahana Cloud for Presto