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August 2022 | Content Curated by Ahana 

Happy August to the Presto Community! 

Mark your calendars for two upcoming events – August Presto virtual meetup and Ahana Community Office Hours. 

Presto Meetup w/ Bytedance

Aug. Meetup – Hudi for Presto and how it’s used at Bytedance

Aug. 29 at 5:30pm PT – Yanbing Zhang, software engineer at Bytedance, will share more about their work on the Apache Hudi Connector for Presto and how they’re using it at Bytedance.

Community Content

PrestoCon Day 2022 has wrapped! Thank you to all the speakers, contributors and community members who participated and made the day a success. The experience of coming together as a community and sharing the diverse set of technical skills, best practices and use cases around using Presto is great to see each year. 

To view the sessions from this year’s PrestoCon Day, head over to the Presto YouTube channel for the full playlist and presentations. 


Great start of August 2022 with two new Presto open source releases 0.274 and 0.275. Key features include : 


-Add support for constraint optimizations to improve performance for querying catalogs that supports table constraints.
-Add memory limit check for join spilling and fail fast if exceeding to avoid unnecessary processing.
-Support for LIKE predicate to SHOW SESSION and SHOW CATALOGS with ESCAPE support.

Connector specific features:

-Upgrade Hudi support to 0.11.0
-Support for Nessie catalog with Iceberg connector
-Upgrade Iceberg support to 0.13.2
-Add decryption functionality to Parquet

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NEW! Ahana Community Office Hours 

Aug. 24 10:30am PT – Join us for Ahana Community Office Hours and get technical support and your questions answered directly from Ahana Cloud experts.

On-Demand Virtual Lab: Building an Open Data Lakehouse with Presto, Hudi, and AWS S3

Apache Hudi PMC Siva Narayanan joined Ahana during the August virtual lab. If you missed the lab in person, but want to learn how to run queries with Presto and Hudi to optimize your AWS S3 data lake, watch it now on-demand. 

 The 10 Coolest Big Data Tools of 2022 

Ahana’s free-forever Community Edition was recognized as one of the 10 coolest data tools of 2022 (so far) by CRN.