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December 2021 | Content Curated by Ahana 


We’re excited to bring you this month’s community newsletter featuring recordings from PrestoCon, new software releases, and other great content and events.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays! 🎊 See you in 2022. 

PrestoCon Event Recap

Though PrestoCon has ended, we’re still buzzing from the experience of coming together as a community and sharing our diverse set of technical skills, best practices and use cases around using Presto.

We’re also proud to have been awarded the Gold Diversity and Inclusion Badge from the CHAOSS project, a nod to the attention given to ensuring diverse representation was prioritized. 

To view the sessions offered at PrestoCon, head over to the playlist. And, check out the small sampling below of the amazing caricature art drawn during the breaks! 

Be sure to join us on Slack to stay informed about the next PrestoCon, and sign up in The Presto Meetup Community to join us for upcoming Meetups! 

presto software release

What a great way to end a successful year with PrestoCon as well as two new releases with these awesome features:

Weighted Split Scheduling 

This feature adds support for scheduling splits to workers based on a computed weight for each split instead of split count. There no behavior changes when splits are sized appropriately but when the hive connector is processing small files, the worker split queues are allowed to be deeper to compensate which significantly improves performance.

🤩 Another great contribution from James Petty!

Google Sheet Connector 

The Google Sheets connector allows reading Google Sheets spreadsheets as tables in Presto.

🤩 Shout out to Chen Liang for his contribution!

Add support for reading LZ4 and ZSTD-compresed parquet data 

Now users can use ZSTD which is a more efficient compression mechanism and with this feature enabled, users can read the LZ4 and ZSTD data from Presto and gain significant reduction in storage size over SNAPPY and GZIP. 

🤩 Shout out to Xinli Shang for adding this great feature!

Support Caching with the Iceberg connector 

Starting 0.266, users can enable caching with Iceberg connector

🤩 Great contribution from maobaolong for Apache Iceberg users.

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