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June 2022 | Content Curated by Ahana 

We hope all is well with you and you are enjoying the summer! We have some exciting things to share in this month’s newsletter. 

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PrestoCon Day is coming up next month and the agenda is up! Session highlights include talks from Uber, Meta, ByteDance (TikTok), Tencent and more. We hope you can join us virtually, register today! 

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Apache Hudi creator Vinoth Chandar and Hudi Software Engineer Ethan Guo present on how to optimize table layout using Apache Hudi to unlock stellar Presto performance. 


We’re thrilled to share our latest Presto release of Presto 0.273.3 Highlights include:

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Ahana’s free-forever Community Edition enables you to deploy a SQL Data Lakehouse stack in AWS with Presto. The community edition is built for those who want to learn and validate the value of Presto for the Open Data Lakehouse in AWS. 

June 22 at 10 AM PT Virtual  Lab – SQL on the Data Lake: Presto on S3 Learn how to query and analyze your AWS S3-based data lake using Presto in this 90 minute free hands-on lab built for data platform engineers. 

 June 22 Data Stack Summit: Conquering the Modern Data Stack  This is free virtual event. Make sure to check out the Ahana and Presto sessions 

  • Building a modern data architecture: Presto for the open data lakehouse
  • Data warehouse or data lake, which do I choose?

Announcing the Cube integration with Ahana  Check out this blog to see how Ahana and Cube work together to help you set up a Presto cluster and build a single source of truth for metrics. 

 Ahana was recognized on the DBTA 100 2022 – The companies that matter most in data