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April 2021 Edition | Content curated by the Ahana Team


The latest blogs, presentations, events and news from the Presto community.

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Community News 📣

PrestoCon Day was a fantastic community event! 🎉

Sessions are now available on-demand.

Here are some links to popular sessions:

Mark your calendars 🗓 Presto Community Track at Percona Live Online, May 12-13

Sessions from Facebook, Twitter, AWS, Ahana and more, including a talk on the Kubernetes operator for Presto and how Facebook drives Presto innovation.

The Latest Ahana News 👇

Data Lake Caching for Ahana Cloud ️⚡️

We added one-click caching to every Presto cluster for 5x query improvement. Learn more.

Customer Use Cases

👉Presto on AWS using Ahana Cloud at Cartona

👉How Carbon uses PrestoDB in the Cloud with Ahana to power its real-time customer dashboards

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Featured On-Demand Webinar 💻

Picking the right approach for Presto on AWS: Comparing Serverless vs. Managed Service

InfoWorld Review of Ahana ️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ahana Cloud for Presto review: Fast SQL queries against data lakes

Featured Learning 📖

Free O’Reilly eBook: Learning and Operating Presto

Ways to get involved with the Presto community