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Community Newsletter for Presto

August 2021 Edition | Content curated by Ahana

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Presto Community on the Move

Open Source Presto Releases & Features 

It’s been an exciting month with three new releases: 0.2580.259 and 0.260
Some great community-requested features made it in 

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Add support for partition schema evolution for HUDI tables

Partition schema evolution support is crucial when users introduce new columns in the middle of the table, otherwise attempting to access one of the partitions with the older schema results in an error. This now works with Hudi tables. Shout out to imjalpreet for the contribution

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Add ORC support for iceberg connector (0.258)
Iceberg data files can be stored in either Parquet or ORC format. Iceberg connector can now be used to query the data stored in ORC format in addition to Parquet format. Shout out to junyi1313 for the contribution.

Introduce query limits at the resource group level (0.259)

Resource groups place limits on resource usage, and can now enforce queueing policies on queries. Users can specify query limits in terms of cpu time, total memory and execution time at the resource group level. Great contribution from kyleCampbel1

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Open Source Presto – 2021 Second Half Technical  Community Roadmap 

Presto is hosted under Presto Foundation and we are super excited to be driving the Presto Roadmap with members like Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Bytedance (TikTok), Intel and others, and we’d love your feedback. Roadmap available here!

Presto Tutorials  📑

Check out these hands-on-tutorials from Dzone where you’ll learn how to run SQL queries with Presto on Google BigQuery and on Amazon Redshift.

Roundtable newsletter

Community Roundtable: Open Data Lakes with the PHAS3 stack –  Presto, Apache Hudi & AWS Glue and S3  🗣

We hosted a fantastic community roundtable with speakers from the Apache Hudi project, AWS, and Ahana for Presto discussed the PHAS3 stack – Presto + Apache Hudi + AWS Glue and S3. If you were not able to join us, you can now watch the on-demand recording

The Latest Ahana News 👇

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Virtual Lab 🔬

On September 23rd, Ahana will be hosting a free 90 minute hands-on lab.  Join us and learn how to query and  your AWS S3-based data lake using Presto. You’ll get up and running with Ahana Cloud for Presto!

Upcoming Webinar Series 🥳

We’re covering everything from the data warehouse and data lake to getting started with Presto. Register using the links below 👇

Aug 19th: Data Warehouse or Data Lake: Which one do I use? (On-Demand Recording)

Aug 26th: SQL on the data lake: Using Presto to unlock the value of your data lake 

Sept 2nd: Presto 101: An introduction to open source Presto

Sept 9th: Ahana 101: An introduction to Ahana Cloud for Presto on AWS

Sept 16th: Presto on AWS: Exploring different Presto services 

Ahana Cloud Feature Spotlight: Autoscaling  🤩

Autoscaling is now available for managing your Presto clusters. This initial release supports auto scaling out based on CPU utilization. But what our users like best is the better cost management with scaling-in of idling clusters. Read more about it here and give it a test drive.