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July 2020 Edition

Welcome to the first Ahana Community Newsletter for PrestoDB!

We at Ahana are excited to share with you the latest blogs, tutorials, and news from the community. Have some content about Presto you want to share? Drop us a note community@ahana.io and we’ll include it in our next newsletter!

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Community Tutorials & Getting Started Guides

AWS Sandbox AMI for PrestoDB by Ahana is 100% open source and comes bundled with Hive Metastore and catalogs. We also have a 5 minute tutorial to help you get started.

Docker Sandbox Container for PrestoDB by Ahana includes the Presto-cli, JMX, memory, TPC-DS, and TPC-H.

Quickstart: Using the TileDB-Presto data source connector for PrestoDB

Tutorial: Getting started with Presto by Facebook Engineering Team

Tutorial: Install Presto using Homebrew

Ways to get involved with the Presto community

Tech Talk Series: Getting Started with Presto
by Ahana 

A tech talk series for the community with Twitter & Ahana engineers
Level 101 for Presto: What is PrestoDB?
Level 102 for Presto: Getting Started with PrestoDB
Level 103 for Presto: Deep Dive into the PrestoDB architecture at Twitter