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The Ahana Newsletter for Presto

March 2021 Edition | Content curated by the Ahana Team


The latest blogs, presentations, events and news from the Presto community.

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Upcoming Virtual Events

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March 23 – Hands-on Virtual Lab presented by Ahana & Upsolver

Learn how to setup your AWS S3 data lake ☁️ and query it with Presto. Seats are limited!

March 24 – PrestoCon Day

A free virtual event dedicated to all things PrestoDB – for the community, by the community . Sessions from Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Ahana, and more, see the full schedule.

March 30 – Webinar – Choosing the Right Approach for Presto on AWS: Comparing Serverless vs. Managed Servic

News, Blogs & More

PrestoCon Day video series from TFiR: A series of interviews with PrestoCon speakers sharing more about Presto and the community

We’re partnering with Upsolver to accelerate the adoption of open data lake analytics in the cloud ☁️ with Presto – read our blog for all the details

We did a Q&A with EnterpriseTalk on Open-Data Lake Architecture for Modern Analytics and Business Intelligence

On-Demand Webinars 💻

Missed it live? Watch On-Demand

0 to Presto in 30 minutes with AWS and Ahana Cloud

Tech Talk Series: Getting Started with Presto, presented by Twitter and Ahana

See more user presentations and sessions on the Presto Foundation’s YouTube channel

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Ways to get involved with the Presto community