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September 2021 | Content Curated by Ahana 

Community Updates & Announcements  📣

Open Source Presto Releases & Features ⬆️

Great start of September with release 0.261! Key features from this release 

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Prometheus Connector Support
The Prometheus connector allows reading Prometheus metrics data as tables in Presto. Great contribution from fgwang7w!

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Iceberg data files are now written to paths defined by Iceberg’s LocationProvider
This feature allows Iceberg to write data to a location different from the hard-coded table’s root location. Iceberg connector can write data files to paths defined by Iceberg’s LocationProvider. This is especially important for cloud object storage users who leverage Iceberg’s ObjectStorageLocationProvider to write data to hashed file paths to avoid throttling. Shout out to jackye1995 for contribution!

Improve Decimal Aggregation Performance
This change improves performance of SUM() and AVG() aggregate functions when used with DECIMAL type. Shout out to pettyjamesm for contribution!

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Presto Cluster on GCP

Tutorial: Running Presto on GCP using VM instances and GKE containers.

Read part 3 of our getting started with Presto series. In part 1, we showed you how to install & configure Presto locally. In part 2, we covered to run a 3-node prestodb cluster on a laptop.

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OspoCon 2021

September 29 – Tim Meehan, Chairperson of the Presto Foundation TSC and Software Engineer at Facebook, and Dipti Borkar, Chairperson of the Presto Foundation Outreach Committee and Cofounder of Ahana, will present a session on Presto.

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Open Source Presto – 2021 Second Half Technical  Community Roadmap 

Presto is hosted under Presto Foundation and we are super excited to be driving the Presto Roadmap with members like Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Bytedance (TikTok), Intel and others, and we’d love your feedback. Roadmap available here!

The Latest Ahana News 👇

Upcoming Webinar with DZone, October 5 💻 How to Build an Open Data Lake Analytics Stack 

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to build this stack using 4 key components: open source technologies, open formats, open interfaces, & open cloud. Additionally, you’ll learn why open source Presto has become the de facto query engine for the data lake, enabling ad hoc data discovery using SQL.

You’ll learn:

  • What an Open Data Lake Analytics Stack is
  • How Presto, the de facto query engine for the data lake, underpins that stack
  • How to get started building your open data lake analytics stack today 

Register today

Ahana Cloud Feature Spotlight  📣

Workload Profile

We’re excited to announce that the workload profile feature is now available on Ahana Cloud. With this release, users can create a cluster with a validated set of configurations that suits the type of workloads or queries users plan to run. Check out the product blog.

S3 Managed buckets

S3 Managed Buckets

Available now in Ahana is the ability to manage your S3 buckets attached to Ahana Presto clusters. Read more in our docs.

Data Engineering Podcast 🎧

Presto Powered Cloud Data Lakes At Speed Made Easy With Ahana. 

In this episode, cofounder Dipti Borkar discusses Presto, Ahana, the cloud, and so much more! 

On-Demand Webinar Series 🥳

Covering everything from the data warehouse and data lake to getting started with Presto. Did you miss the live webinar series? Watch the on-demand versions. 👇

How-to product demo series 

Check out our quick 5-step video series on how you can get up and running with Ahana Cloud.