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The Open Data Lakehouse

Data warehouse workloads at better price performance and more flexibility

Combining the best of each: The Open Data Lakehouse

The Open Data Lakehouse brings the reliability and performance of the data warehouse together with the flexibility and better price performance of the data lake, enabling SQL and ML/AI use cases on your data.

Presto is the SQL query engine for the Open Data Lakehouse, enabling warehouse workloads on your data lake for better price performance.

Open data lakehouse architecture
The next enterprise data warehouse is the Open Data Lakehouse

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Benefits of a Data Lakehouse

Better price performance

Better Price Performance

More control of your compute costs with Presto

As businesses need more analytics on more data, compute costs can skyrocket in your data warehouse. With Presto for the Data Lakehouse, you get more control over your compute costs for better price performance.

BI/Dashboarding and Data Science/AI/ML workloads

Flexible and Efficient

Support your BI/Dashboarding and Data Science/AI/ML workloads

Do more with your unstructured and semi-structured data. The Data Lakehouse opens up more use cases by enabling you to query all types of data and run your AI/ML frameworks on big data in a flexible and efficient way.

Open server


No vendor lock-in, no proprietary data formats

Store data in Open Formats (Parquet, Apache ORC, and more) so you can use any compute engine. Leverage open source technologies (Presto, TensorFlow, and more) to avoid lock-in.

The SQL Data Lakehouse & Foundations for the New Data Stack

Learn what the data lakehouse is, & how it solves challenges of previous solutions

Open Data Lakehouse Components

Query Engine

Presto is the open source SQL query engine for the Data Lakehouse. It enables ad hoc analytics on your data to power your dashboarding and reporting needs. Query data where it lives and no need to migrate to proprietary data formats.

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Presto query engine
data lakehouse architecture

Transaction Management

It can be challenging to keep data updated in a data warehouse and typically requires constant ETL from sources to destination, resulting in additional time, cost, and duplication of data. Transaction management with technologies like Apache Hudi, Iceberg, or Delta Lake enables ingesting incremental data, managing data capture for inserts and deletions, and ACID transactions.

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Security & Governance

Bring the security and governance of data warehouses to the data lakehouse with technologies like AWS Lake Formation or Apache Ranger – you select which works best for your needs. Define access control policies down to the row level, enabling you to handle sensitive data.

See how to enable AWS Lake Formation with Presto >


The catalog describes all of the data that’s stored in your system to make it usable, so you can analyze it to create dashboards and reports. Having a catalog like AWS Glue or Hive Metastore or an open source option like Amundsen in your Open Data Lakehouse is critical.

See how to configure Hive Metastore in your Open Data Lakehouse >

data lakehouse architecture

Making it easy: SaaS for Presto

Get a powerful SQL query engine as SaaS for your data lakehouse. Ahana is a managed service for Presto that’s simple to use and cost-effective.

Getting Started with your Data Lakehouse in AWS

Ready to start building your Open Data Lakehouse in AWS? Here are some resources to get you started.

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