Ahana Announces Linux Foundation’s PrestoDB Now Available on AWS Marketplace and DockerHub

Presto SQL Engine

Ahana to provide community and commercial support for PrestoDB users 

San Mateo, CA — June 30, 2020Ahana, the Presto-based analytics company, announced today the availability of the completely open source PrestoDB Amazon Machine Image (AMI) on the AWS Marketplace as well as a PrestoDB container on DockerHub. The PrestoDB AMI is the first and only completely open source and completely free Presto offering available on the AWS Marketplace. These free PrestoDB offerings make it significantly easier for data platform teams to get started with Presto in the cloud particularly for interactive, ad hoc analytics on S3 data lakes and other popular data sources like AWS RDS, Redshift, Amazon’s Elasticsearch service and others. 

Additionally, Ahana will provide commercial support for users who require technical help and management of their container or AMI-based PrestoDB clusters.

PrestoDB is a federated SQL engine for data engineers and analysts to run interactive, ad hoc analytics on large amounts of data, which continues to grow exponentially across a wide range of data lakes and databases. As a result, data platform teams are increasingly using Presto as the de facto SQL query engine to run analytics across data sources in-place, without the need to move data. One of the fastest growing projects in the data analytics space, PrestoDB is hosted by the Linux Foundation’s Presto Foundation and is the same project running at massive scale at Facebook, Uber and Twitter. 

“We’re looking forward to making it easier for the Presto community to get started with Presto,” said Dipti Borkar, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Ahana and Outreach Committee Chairwoman of the Presto Foundation. “This is the first and only fully open source version of Presto that’s available on the AWS Marketplace, and we hope to see continued growth and adoption of PrestoDB as the federated query engine of choice for analytics across data lakes and database.”

In addition to the PrestoDB AMI and container, new Presto Sandbox offerings are also available to users getting started with Presto. These include a new Sandbox AMI on the AWS Marketplace and a Sandbox container on DockerHub. They come preconfigured with the Hive Metastore catalog to allow users to query data easily from S3, MySQL and other data sources as well as with built-in data sets like the TPC-DS benchmark data.

The new AWS AMIs and container offerings are yet another way for PrestoDB users to install and get started with the software. Other options include manual installation and using Homebrew. All variations offer PrestoDB as a completely open source technology.

“Having tracked the data space for more than two decades, I’ve seen wave after wave of innovation. What Presto brings to the table is something we’ve long sought: an efficient engine for federated queries across widely disparate datasets,” noted Eric Kavanagh, CEO of The Bloor Group. “This allows organizations to retain their investments in databases, data warehouses, data lakes, and so-called lake houses, while expediting and amplifying business value. The approach Ahana is taking around making PrestoDB easier to use and providing commercial support are key pieces in helping widen the adoption of the technology.” 

Two Presto offerings, one name

Despite similar names, PrestoDB and PrestoSQL are two different offerings. While other variations of Presto are available on the marketplace like the Starburst Data AMI (based on PrestoSQL), they are paid offerings with proprietary features. The PrestoDB AMI, on the other hand, is 100% open source and available for use in production immediately. 

As the original project that came out of Facebook in 2013, PrestoDB is hosted under the auspices of the Linux Foundation’s Presto Foundation. The PrestoSQL fork was announced in 2019 and is backed by the Presto Software Foundation, led by the original creators of Presto who left Facebook.


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About Ahana

Ahana, the Presto-based analytics company, is the only company focused on unifying the PrestoDB community and bringing PrestoDB-focused ad-hoc analytics offerings to market. As the Presto market continues to grow exponentially, Ahana’s mission is to simplify interactive analytics as well as foster growth and evangelize the PrestoDB community. Founded in 2020, Ahana is headquartered in San Mateo, CA and operates as an all-remote company. Investors include GV and Leslie Ventures. Follow Ahana on LinkedIn, Twitter and PrestoDB Slack.

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