Ahana to Present About Presto on the Open Data Lakehouse at PrestoCon Day; Ahana Customer Blinkit to Discuss Its Presto on AWS Use Case

July 21 all-things Presto event features speakers from Uber, Meta, Ahana, Blinkit, Platform24, Tencent, Bytedance and more

San Mateo, Calif. – July 14, 2022 Ahana, the only SaaS for Presto, today announced its participation in PrestoCon Day, a day dedicated to all things Presto taking place virtually on Thursday, July 21, 2022. In addition to being a premier sponsor of the event, Ahana will be participating in three sessions and Ahana customer Blinkit will also be presenting its Presto use case.

Ahana and Ahana Customer Sessions at PrestoCon

July 21 at 9:35 am PT – “Free-Forever Managed Service for Presto for your Cloud-Native Open SQL Lakehouse,” by Wen Phan, Director of Product Management, Ahana

Getting started with a do-it-yourself approach to standing up an open SQL Lakehouse can be challenging and cumbersome.  Ahana Cloud Community Edition dramatically simplifies it and gives users the ability to learn and validate Presto for their open SQL Lakehouse—for free.  In this session, Wen will show how easy it is to register for, stand up, and use the Ahana Cloud Community Edition to query on top of a lakehouse.

July 21 at 10:30 am PT – “How Blinkit is Building an Open Data Lakehouse with Presto on AWS,” by Akshay Agarwal, Software Engineer, Blinkit; and Satyam Krishna, Engineering Manager, Blinkit

Blinkit, India’s leading instant delivery service, uses Presto on AWS to help them deliver on their promise of “everything delivered in 10 minutes”. In this session, Satyam and Akshay will discuss why they moved to Presto on S3 from their cloud data warehouse for more flexibility and better price performance. They’ll also share more on their open data lakehouse architecture which includes Presto as their SQL engine for ad hoc reporting, Ahana as SaaS for Presto, Apache Hudi and Iceberg to help manage transactions, and AWS S3 as their data lake.

July 21 at 11:00 am PT – “Query Execution Optimization for Broadcast Join using Replicated-Reads Strategy,” by George Wang, Principal Software Engineer, Ahana

Today Presto supports broadcast join by having a worker to fetch data from a small data source to build a hash table and then sending the entire data over the network to all other workers for hash lookup probed by large data source. This can be optimized by a new query execution strategy as source data from small tables is pulled directly by all workers which is known as replicated reads from dimension tables. This feature comes with a nice caching property given that all worker nodes N are now participating in scanning the data from remote sources. The table scan operation for dimension tables is cacheable per all worker nodes. In addition, there will be better resource utilization because the presto scheduler can now reduce the number plan fragment to execute as the same workers run tasks in parallel within a single stage to reduce data shuffles.

July 21 at 2:25 pm PT – “Presto for the Open Data Lakehouse,” panel session moderated by Eric Kavanagh, CEO, Bloor Group with Dave Simmen, CTO & Co-Founder, Ahana; Girish Baliga, Chair of Presto Foundation & Sr. Engineering Manager, Uber; Biswapesh Chattopadhyay, Tech Lead, DI Compute, Meta; and Ali LeClerc, Chair of Presto Outreach Committee and Head of Community, Ahana

Today’s digital-native companies need a modern data infra that can handle data wrangling and data-driven analytics for the ever-increasing amount of data needed to drive business. Specifically, they need to address challenges like complexity, cost, and lock-in. An Open SQL Data Lakehouse approach enables flexibility and better cost performance by leveraging open technologies and formats. Join us for this panel where leading technologists from the Presto open source project will share their vision of the SQL Data Lakehouse and why Presto is a critical component.

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PrestoCon Day is a free virtual event and registration is open

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Ahana is the only SaaS for Presto on AWS with the vision to be the SQL engine for the Open Data Lakehouse. Presto, the open source project created by Meta and used at Uber, Twitter and thousands more, is the de facto standard for fast SQL processing on data lakes. Ahana Cloud delivers the easiest Presto SaaS and enables data platform teams to provide high performance SQL analytics on their S3 data lakes and other data sources. As a leading member of the Presto community and Linux Foundation’s Presto Foundation, Ahana is also focused on fostering growth and evangelizing open source Presto. Founded in 2020, Ahana is headquartered in San Mateo, CA and operates as an all-remote company. Investors include GV, Leslie Ventures, Lux Capital, Third Point Ventures, and Liberty Global Ventures. Follow Ahana on LinkedIn, Twitter and Presto Slack.

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